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Zhuang Zi

Zhuang Shi-fu (1877~1939), Great-grandfather of the founder of Zhuang Zi Tea Ltd., had a piece of mountain slope used as a tea garden in Jiaoxi Township of Yilan County. And mother (Zhuang Wu-chia) of the founder who came into the family as a child bride, used to stir-fry tea for family’s own use, gifts to neighbors, and sales. By observing mother stir-frying tea from childhood, it aroused the founder’s interest in tea, and in 2001Zhu-an ZhuangTea Ltd. was established as a tea wholesaler. With the savor incessantly inherited from Great-grandfather’s Time, Zhuang Zi Tea Ltd. was founded in 2009.

Why named “Zhuang Zi”?

“Zhuang” represents “Tea garden” and “Estate” which gives people a pure fresh and natural impression.

“Zi” represents the "Wisdom", "Being Respected", "Solemn" and "Specialist"

Zhuang Zi’s philosophy of simplicity corresponds to the spirituality of tea.

Chinese speaking countries are familiar with Zhuang Zi which cherishes the memory of Chinese culture.

A respected enterprise must be managed by a group of people with Zhuang Zi Moral Believes. Zhuang Zi manages the conduct of all employees.

Brand is a long term cumulative impression. And a significant brand of over 2300 years as "Zhuang Zi" is the best model of our enterprise.

The family name of the founder “Zhuang” brings the inspiration in the denomination.